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Here at the Attic Creative Studio, we take pride in having a space that breathes creativity, light and life. Our office plants are an important part of this - they oxygenate the space, offering easy breathing, a splash of colour and a drop of inspiration to our daily working lives. 



According to scientific studies, plants absorb a host of impurities from the air, such as benzene (a naturally occurring component of crude oil) and trichloroethylene (a commonly used industrial solvent), making our working environment a cleaner and safer place to breathe. 



We also love having them around simply because they are gorgeous. They encourage us to be mindful and aware of the beauty in the world around us and keep us from getting too absorbed in our computer screens!



Our studio and shops become living, breathing spaces, full of romanticism in this modern age. We love the presence of nature in our shops and studio and it greatly compliments our drive to find gifts and products that have natural ingredients and origins, an ethos that is central to our business.



So come and visit us! Beside our wonderful displays we have a variety of pots, vases and even micro terrariums where you can keep flowers and succulents of your own to bring a touch of vibrancy to your working life. 

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