Get Comfy

Get Comfy

It's the end of September already and however much we dislike the colder weather we love the chance to wrap up warm and cozy again. So settle into your favourite spot on the couch, grab that hot chocolate and hear our top tips for staying comfy as the seasons change.

Fill your life with cushions

Here at attic we've seen our fair share of cushions but we still can't get enough! They make your house a home and what's more inviting than seeing a line of squishy cushions arranged on a comfy couch?

We especially love these 'Reserved For' cushions, available in-store.

Attic Store 'reserved for' cushions, would make a lovely gift for Mother's Day or Christmas


Let there be light

Nothing can lift the mood of a room quite like a scented candle or two. Not only do they bring a warm light to dark corners but they help to make your house smell lovely and encourage you to sit down for a moment of calm.

Dassie scented candle from the Attic Store


A nice cuppa tea

What is better than a hot drink on a blustery day? They warm us from the inside and help lift our spirits during the colder months. Here are a few of our favourite mugs.

The dog loves me best mug from the Attic Store


A snuggly scarf

Our beautiful scarves are ideal for keeping you warm as we transition into Autumn, easy to add to any outfit and colourful enough to brighten even the gloomiest of days! Wrap yourself in the memory of summer.

Metallic scarf from the Attic Store gold



Stay snuggly and keep warm this Autumn!

Love from Team Attic xx

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