Keep warm this Christmas with Attic

Have a cosy Christmas

Bamboo Socks

Attic Store Powder bamboo socks for Christmas.

Our awesome range of bamboo socks is not only gloriously warm but also environmentally friendly! We have an extensive range in store, so come in and have a look! The monogram letter socks in particular make a fun and quirky gift for your friend and are individual enough to dispel that Christmas cliché.


Christmas Candles

Attic store candles

Our Christmas scented candles smell absolutely divine, and though they may not physically warm you their gorgeous glow helps to make your spaces much more inviting with subtle brightness. Available in Winter Scent and Gold, Frankincense and Myrrh.



Bright and cheerful Christmas decorations from Attic

Bring a host of vibrant colour to your Christmas aesthetic with these absolutely fantasic natural wool decorations! They would complement the lights on your tree beautifully or make your windows welcoming. We also have a lot of other natural Christmas decorations, from elves on the shelf to felted tree decorations.


We hope you have a wonderful Christmas! Love Attic xx

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