Attic store family discuss sustainable wrapping options. Photo by Denise Johnson on Unsplash

Wrap Responsibly this Christmas!

Seeking alternatives to all the paper, foil and tape? Sick of the sheer amount of waste it creates come Christmas Day? Don't you worry - here at Attic we have some brilliant ideas for beautiful and re-usable wrapping that will keep their presents a sustainable surprise.

Put it in a box

Star boxes from the Attic Store Broadstone, sustainable gift wrapping and giving

Why not try a simple box? We have some lovely treasure-chest style boxes in store that are sure to fire their imaginations. They can use them after Christmas as a beautiful storage box for keeping their space tidy. These boxes come with a warning, however - it may be too irresistible to have a peek! If your loved ones can't resist the temptation it might be worth wrapping them in some recycled brown paper, too!

Re-use brown paper shopping bags

Brown paper bag packaging with the Attic Store. Photo by on Unsplash

Many companies are taking the plunge nowadays and doing away with plastic bags (us included!). It's no different to the brown kraft paper that is so popular right now, and it's preventing further waste. Spruce it up with some natural hemp twine or make a stamp from a potato to add little decals in paint or glue and glitter.

Hide it in a personalised washbag

Personalised star washbag designed by Attic store. Add your own initials, available in different colours and sizing

These bags can be ordered with your special person's initials or name and are the perfect conduit for hiding those gorgeous gifts. Available in a range of colours, they sit sparkling beneath the tree on Christmas morning and make for brilliant cosmetic bags or pencil cases after the day. They are also made from 100% recycled cotton, making them an eco-friendly purchase in themselves.

Let our personalised packaging do the talking

Attic baby bamboo handmade toys and sustainable packaging for wrapping and gift giving

Our range of bamboo toys come with these fantastic recycled boxes! Simply ask us to add their name and you already have a wonderfully presented gift. Top it off with an iced Christmas cookie and some twine on Christmas Eve for a special treat.

Something to remember

The best kind of sustainable wrapping is one that can be used again and again! Why not try other vessels such as vases, flower pots or biscuit tins? All you need to make them look special is a little extra decoration such as some stamps or ribbon. Have fun and stay creative!


Love from Team Attic xx

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