The Attic talk about winter style. Photo by Zara Walker on Unsplash

Winter Style

It's here and there's no denying it - the air is colder, the days are shorter and I no longer need to hunt for excuses to wear my favourite snuggly sweater! As we settle in for winter, here are a few of our favourite looks for the new season.

Star jumper

Attic cashmere star jumper available in multiple colours and sizes, very warm and comfortable

This wonderful jumper is not only perfect for curling up on the sofa, it's also really chic. The cashmere blend makes it especially warm and soft to the touch. We would pair it with some black jeans, ankle boots and a tartan blanket scarf for a fantastic Autumn/Winter look.

Warm winter scarves

Attic scarves

These scarves pair perfectly with your winter outfits, offering that extra warmth and an opportunity to add a pop of vibrant colour to lift your overall aesthetic. We suggest comfortable, minimalist clothing underneath to really let the beauty of these scarves take center stage.

Winter hats and gloves

Comfy handmade hats with Attic.

These are quite the favourite in our Broadstone branch. We absolutely adore the colours and the patterns and would take these everywhere with us if we could. They are handmade in Scotland from natural wool fibre, making them very warm and each one is unique. Come in store to find our entire range.


Love from Team Attic xx

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