Peel-off masks for this autumn

Peel-off Masks for this Autumn

Peel-off Masks for this Autumn

Peel-off masks are back for this Autumn. They are easy to use for getting rid of dead skin and especially for reducing blackheads.

1.Urban Decay Rehab Makeup Prep Pore Refining Peel

An oily T-zone can ruin a base, so, peel-off you apply 10 minutes before foundation to stop shine. With palnt extracs that tighen pores, it makes for a good primer, too.

2.Nugg Mermaid Marine Peel-off

A soft powder that you need to add water to mix, the resulting thick, rubbery mask will make you more like sea monster than mermaid. It singles for 15 minutes. It came off in one go, with satisfying pore.

3. Elizabeth Arden Prevage City Smart Detox Peel-off Mask

This gel promises to stick to pollution particals like glue. Believe it or not?! The mask is tracing paper thin, it wasn't easy for me to peel it off. But, Skin feels very soft afterwards. And I went to bed moisturiser-free.

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4.Zero Skin Caviar Mask

It is black,  as it is Charcoal. Nothing to do with the fish eggs. It is thin but works very quickly.It also has liquorice to brighten, collagen to firm and kaolin clay for extracting impurities. It took a few yanks to remove and don't get it in you brows!

5. Certified Gold Collagen Peel-off mask

This mask is infused with pure 24K gold, colloidal gold, and a combination of ingredients to help firm the look of skin through hydration and impart an opulent glow. Skin does feel smoother after use! I have to say!

May Scott
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