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2018 Fashion Predictions

2018 Fashion Predictions

So it's a New Year which means New Fashion. I have done quite a lot of research into the newest fashion shows and launches to be able to come up with a conclusion as to what I think will be this year's fashion trends. There has already been the double denim saga, the flared trousers and the heelys (yes everyone either remembers or had a pair of the rollable trainers and yes they were very cool at the time, I mean who doesn't want to walk into a roll on the kitchen floor or in a shopping centre). Anyway that's besides the point, 2018 seems to be very different, there might be a lot of 'um I will never wear that' or 'ew gross' reactions, however these are my 2018 Fashion Predictions.


Sequins - Personally I actually love sequins, they are so perfect for a festival or party look. They can brighten up an outfit in two seconds. Just add a sequined clutch or crop top to a pair of black jeans and you are set to go. I am very happy with this trend.

Pastels - When I say pastels I mean pastel colours not pastel meaning an art medium in the form of a stick (I know some people may get confused). Pastel blue, pink, green, yellow! Personally I am not fussed about this one, I like pastels and I think they are perfect for Spring time, however, I don't know how much wear I would get out of a pastel top, but you never know, it may surprise me.

Plastic - Yes, that's correct, plastic. I believe that it's going to be a very must have item this year, whether that's a plastic handbag or a plastic coat, it's going to be big. Whether I would wear plastic, probably not, I mean I'd rather not look like a plastic bottle, but if it's going to be the trend then you never know.

Sheer - If I'm going to be honest, I quite like the sheer look. I own multiple mesh/sheer tops which are perfect for tucking into a faux leather skirt or a pair of ripped jeans. They are so good for holidays just to chuck over a bikini so you don't feel completely exposed or with a cute brallete or bra underneath. I will definitely be carrying the sheer look into 2018 with me!

Cinderella shoes - So you may not understand what I mean by Cinderella shoes, but don't worry, I'll explain it briefly. Just imagine a dainty, delicate shoe with no straps, a little heal, and also a little bit of sparkle (not a very good explanation but you get it). I can guarantee that they are going to become the new going out trend, performing elegance and comfort on a night on the dance floor.

Multiple bags - Right so this may sound stupid, but lets be honest, there has always been a time where you have stayed somewhere, whether that's after a night out at a friends house or staying in a hotel somewhere, where you have a handbag where all your personal belongings live and a bigger bag that carries all of your overnight items. Well that has now become a trend. Whether it will be successful or not is another question because personally I know the struggle of carrying two bags and it is not my favourite. So I guess we will have to see about this trend.

What do you think about my predictions? Will you be conforming to these trends or go in the other direction? Let me know in the comments x

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