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'Chase Your Dream' Dreamcatcher Bracelet
'Distance Means So Little' Friendship Heart Necklace
'Life Is A Great Adventure' Compass Necklace
'Like Mother Like Daughter' Necklace
'Love You More Than' Star Necklace
gold button necklace for sisters
'Star On Your Journeys' Sterling Silver Necklace
'Thank You Mum' Heart Necklace With Your Own Message
'The World Is Your Oyster' World Map Necklace
'Unlock Your Dreams' Star Key Necklace
'You Are Ace' Necklace
'You Are Ace' Necklace
From £20.00
'You Are The Bee's Knees' Bumble Bee Necklace
'You Be You' Bumble Bee Necklace
18th Birthday Pearl Of Protection Necklace
Antler Necklace or Earring
Best Auntie Necklace
Best Auntie Necklace
From £25.00
Birthstone And Initial Necklace
Courage Mini Heart Necklace
Crystal Paved Love Script Necklace
sterling silver daisy necklace
Dreams Flower Necklace
Dreams Flower Necklace
From £27.00
Forever Friend Joined Hearts Necklace
Friendship Is A Circle Necklace
sterling silver friendship knot necklace
Gold Bird In Flight Choker Necklace
Gold Plated Sterling Silver Moonstone Planet Necklace
Gold Skinny Moon Pendant Necklace
Gold Sparkle Bow Pendant Necklace
Gold Vermeil Star With Mother Of Pearl Necklace
Golden Compass Pendant Necklace
Golden Dagger Pendant Necklace
Golden Queen Of Hearts Pendant Necklace
Golden Sparkle Lightning Bolt Necklace
Golden Sun Ray Circle Pendant Necklace
Golden Tag Necklace
Golden Two Tone Tooth Pendant Necklace

75 results

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